New Year's Resolution

My new year’s resolution: clinging to 1920×1200 at 17" for the time being. Sadly, Apple discontinued 17" laptops with the move to Retina displays: more pixels, but 22% less screen area, a tradeoff I’m reluctant to make.

Surprisingly, the Chromebook Pixel – 13" 2560×1700 – is almost the same price as the basic MacBook Pro in the same size. With Dell offering much larger screens with better processors and graphics subsystems for less money, my next system will be a tough dilemma.

The “Full HD” buzzword is particularly irritating in a monitor context: used as if to imply the resolution is somehow apical, when in reality it’s a step down from displays of previous years which happens to match current TV channels. I hope that with large “4K” displays becoming widely available – offering four times the pixel count of “full HD” – manufacturers will finally work on developing high-res screens for large laptops again.

(My actual resolution: Inbox Zero – from a peak of 4,500 shortly before Christmas, I’m down to just eight messages to deal with now.)

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