BarPass - random password barcode generator

A simple Perl script using String::Random and the PDF::Reuse family to generate a PDF page full of random passwords along with a barcode version of that password. This is useful for issuing users with randomly generated passwords: when a user requests a password reset, just scan the next password from the pile, and hand it to the user.


Being a simple Perl script - this HTML page is already larger than the script itself! - I'm releasing it as public domain.


Download the script from here into a suitable directory, ensure you have the right Perl modules installed, and run it. It produces a single page with a 15x3 grid of barcodes in Code 128 format, with the associated 8 character password directly underneath, as a file named 'barpass.pdf' in the current directory - sample output.

Known bugs

None - although the Barcode::Code128 module produces harmless warnings of "Unrecognized option (destroy)".