Systems and hardware

My personal systems include the two-node Linux cluster hosting this website (both User Mode Linux virtual servers, one in California, the other in London, England), a third Linux server and a Solaris system, both colocated in California. I host my own DNS entries, e-mail, web and database servers, always aiming to avoid single points of failure in any system I build.

At home, I have built a collection of systems, primarily using a MacBook Pro (with Parallels to run Windows Vista in a virtual machine) and a self-built dual-core Athlon 64 system, now dual-booting Windows XP x64 and Vista x64.

Until March 2008, I use a Motorola V3x cellphone on the Vodafone network. It's not ideal, but it is sufficient for now, including somewhat over-priced Internet access via Bluetooth. Once my Vodafone contract expires, I plan to change to a Nokia N95 on Three: unlimited flat-rate Internet access, including TV streaming from a Streambox and the ability to connect to my servers through SSH, all for slightly more than I pay now just for phone calls and text messages!

I've recently started taking an interest in digital photography, purchasing a dSLR camera on eBay - a Nikon D70. When bored, I can be found uploading exciting things like lunch and the surrounding hills to my Flickr account. In case you're interested, I currently take my photographs in RAW format, then convert this to JPEG using Adobe's PhotoShop CS3.