Trix - Useful little code samples and other resources

I've just created this section of my site to serve as a collection of handy resources for programmers and web developers. Unlike the software section, which holds completed utilities intended to be used as they are, items here are generally intended to be incorporated within a larger project or as part of a website.

So far, there are only two entries: some ezmlm utilities I wrote, and TableSearch, a piece of Javascript which adds a text box to each table (of class 'search') on a page. Enter text in that box, click outside it and each row in the table which doesn't contain that string will be hidden. This approach is based on a similar piece of code for sorting tables by clicking on the heading of a row: add a single <script> tag on the page, insert 'class="search"' in the opening <table> tag of each table, and that's it!