EZMLM trix

A collection of small scripts I have found useful in managing some ezmlm mailing lists, provided in the hope you might find them useful as well.

One interrelated group of mailing lists has a set of users who are each subscribed to a subset of the project's lists, but permitted to post to any list whether subscribed or not. Easily achieved, by adding new subscribers with a simple one-liner combining find and ezmlm-sub - but it's easy to subscribe people to the wrong list in error, as I discovered one evening when I accidentally subscribed the entire user list to every mailing list! Easy to restore from backup, but a little more elegant to roll back precisely the set of changes which had been made in error, using the tools below: recent.pl lista listb listc > log.txt generated a list of all changes made, in chronological order; trimming that file to contain only the series made in error (easy: one long string of changes with identical timestamps!) and piping them into unlog.pl gave me a series of shell commands to unsubscribe all the affected users.