TalkTalk TroubleTrouble

After 2009’s BT fiasco my office stayed with BT for a while, then transferred broadband service to the excellent Be — at the time, an independent ISP with a focus on excellent service for the prosumer and small business market. They had “unbundled” our exchange, installing their own ADSL equipment...

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DOS and Windows support in a single EXE

The excellent Digital Mars C/C++ compiler made my quest for a single EXE file to support both 16 bit DOS and 32 bit Windows at once surprisingly easy: just three build steps. Just as Windows was originally built on top of MS-DOS, the 32 bit Windows executable format was built...

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Bin2H retro update

Yes, someone out there is still wanting software for Windows 95! So, I produced my first dual-mode 16/32-bit DOS/Windows application. I was surprised enough to get a user complaining when TFind stopped working on Windows 2000 – three years after Microsoft terminated even extra-cost extended support even for the Server...

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New Year's Resolution

My new year’s resolution: clinging to 1920×1200 at 17" for the time being. Sadly, Apple discontinued 17" laptops with the move to Retina displays: more pixels, but 22% less screen area, a tradeoff I’m reluctant to make. Surprisingly, the Chromebook Pixel – 13" 2560×1700 – is almost the same price...

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Software and free utilities

A collection of utilities I have developed and released as a public service, including:

TFind - Quickly locate files by name on an NTFS filesystem.

BarPass - Generate sets of random passwords, with the corresponding barcode attached.

GTools - General tools for deploying Windows systems, including copying and moving files from batch files with a graphical progress indicator and changing or deleting drive letters

Bin2H - Convert binary files into character arrays for embedding in C source code.

Trix - Little snippets of code for re-use

Tablesearch - filter HTML tables based on a simple substring search in pure Javascript (no server side code)

EZMLM utilities - tools for automating some more complex administrative tasks on EZMLM mailing lists